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We are a Fintech and Blockchain based company driving for Mass Adoption of cryptocurrencies in Africa.

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Blockchain4Africa is building a transparent financial ecosystem using blockchain technology to accelerate mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and boost Africa’s economic growth. The KUDI Ecosystem is the financial ecosystem we are building based on blockchain technology with KUDI Exchange and KUDI Pay at its core and all elements of the ecosystem interoperable.

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The Problem

Traditional financial systems can be inefficient, expensive (money transfer rates can be as high as 20 percent), complicated to use and lacks transparency. According to the 2017 Global Findex report by the World Bank Group, “globally, about 1.7 billion adults remained unbanked-without an account at a financial institution or through a mobile money provider”.

Traditional banks are struggling to reach the unbanked in Africa but have tried in expanding mobile market to 16% of the market. Africa is a global leader in mobile money, with telecom operators embracing innovative practices that allow customers to not only pay bills but also access services including loans, insurance, and savings.

The Solution

KUDI Ecosystem is a new transparent financial ecosystem for mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. It’s an ecosystem that bridges the traditional financial market with the cryptocurrency market

KUDI Exchange

This is a user-friendly p2p crypto-fiat and crypto-crypto Exchange. It connects the ecosystem to the traditional financial market.


KUDI Coin is the fuel of the ecosystem. KUDI Ecosystem would issue its own native cryptocurrency either through an ICO or a Selfdrop.


KUDI Pay is a multicurrency mobile wallet with a built-in secured and encrypted chat messenger. A mobile application combines the functions of a wallet and a messenger

KUDI Debit Cards

KUDI Ecosystem would be partnering with card providers to issue crypto-based debit and credit cards.

KUDI Dapps

KUDI Dapps This are decentralized applications which would be used to increase KUDI Coin use cases.

KUDI ATM Branches

KUDI ecosystem in future would have its own ATM machines in several places around Nigeria and later-on Africa.

The Roadmap

  • Q2 (2018) – Q3 (2018)

    • Blockchain4Africa Whitepaper is born
    • Blockchain4Africa limited is registered in Nigeria
    • Launch of Blockchain4africa.net
    • Blockchain4Africa TV is rebranded
    • Develop KUDI Exchange prototype
  • Q4 (2018) – Q1 (2019)

    • Acquire Blockchain4Africa Head Office
    • Fund-raising campaign
    • Issue KUDI coin through an ICO or a Selfdrop
    • Development of the KUDI Exchange and KUDI Pay
    • Hand over the operations of Blockchain4Africa TV to the Media Team
    • Expanding the Development Team
    • Partnerships
  • Q2 (2019)

    • Launch KUDI Pay wallet and KUDI Exchange Beta
    • First Blockchain4Africa Conference
  • (2020)

    • Launch of Local KUDI Ecosystem outlets across
    • Additional features included such as Bio-metric logins
  • (2020) AND BEYOND

    • Ecosystem of KUDI Blockchain based applications
    • SMS Account creation on KUDI Pay
    • Open more branches across Africa
    • Viral Marketing of the Ecosystem

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